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    1. Just For Now: Virtual Use of the Oaklander Model in a Time of Crisis immediately suggests a way to frame therapy during this time. It reminds therapists and families that we should now embrace crisis-oriented goals and interventions that strengthen children's sense of self and resilience, and that we should postpone any deeper work to help them respond to the immediate situation- the most relevant and ambitious task we have.
    2. The Full Nest: Working with Adolescents
      This second article presents the case of 21-year-old 'Bella' to define, explain, and illustrate use of the Oaklander Model in telephone or online sessions and deployment of technology to view an adolescent's projective work. The piece begins with the model's basic concepts regarding adolescence. It then addresses the specific challenges which returning to the home presents to the client at this developmental phase and to the family.
    3. 24 Minute presentation by Dr. Violet Oaklander about Gestalt Therapy: How and Why it Constitutes the backbone of the Oaklander Model of Therapy with Chldren and Adolescents. From the May 3, 2020 Just For Now Zoom session.

    * Articolo Pezzutto-Minetto (GPT online nelle CPP)

    We are so grateful for the contributions from therapists from the US and around the world for their work to help children and families during this time. This article was provided to VSOF by Arianna Pezzutto, (psychologist with the Assistenza Domiciliare Pediatrica, Terapia del Dolore e Cure Palliative Pediatriche di Pordenone - Italy; psychotherapist in training; has chosen to work towards obtaining a certification in Gestalt Play Therapy and receives monthly supervision from Dr. Giandomenico Bagatin), and M. Minetto (psychologist and psychotherapist with the Assistenza Domiciliare Pediatrica, Terapia del Dolore e Cure Palliative Pediatriche di Pordenone - Italy).

    SUMMARY In this article we will take you through a unique experience where the Gestalt Play Therapy (GPT) has been applied to sick children (or to their healthy siblings) who are supported by a Home Paediatric Assistance, Pain Therapy (PT) and Paediatric Palliative Care (PPC) Team in Pordenone (Northeast Italy). We will also explore how this approach has changed during the COVID-19 emergency. The first part of the article will give you a brief overview of the work context and a description of the importance of psychology in the PT and PCC, then we will look into the GPT applications in this unusual home setting. Finally, we will explain how the approach has changed during the pandemic (from home GPT to online GPT), and present some clinical cases. As this experience is still ongoing, our conclusions can only be partial. We would like to thank our special children and their families, without whom we would not be able to share this paper.

  • Carlo's Diary, a children's coloring book to help children manage COVID-19 by Monica Torellini (available in Italian, English, and Spanish)

  • Play Becomes Real: The Oaklander Approach to Gestalt Play and Art Therapy is a series of video lectures by Peter Mortola, PhD
    "This is a series of lectures and demonstrations regarding the work of Dr. Violet Oaklander, a pioneer in the field of Gestalt play and art therapy. In these videos, I address the international reach and cross-cultural relevance of her work, make theoretical links to developmental, psychological and brain research, and show the impact this approach can have in practice with children, teens, and adults. In all, these videos reflect over 20 years of research, scholarship and practice in support of Dr. Oaklander's work. Her two books, Window to our Children and Hidden Treasure, have been translated into 15 languages and continue to have an impact worldwide."


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