About VSOF

The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to further the work of Dr. Violet Oaklander, eminent child and adolescent psychotherapist, trainer, and author of 'Windows to Our Children', a seminal text now published in 15 languages, and her new book "Hidden Treasure: A Map to the Child's Inner Self", now published in 5 languages. The Foundation brings together dedicated mental health professionals who are preserving, extending and supporting Dr. Oaklander's Gestalt-based therapeutic work with children and adolescents, as well as continuing her training work with adults.

The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation Scholarship Fund aims to fulfill one of the key goals of VSOF--to provide financial assistance to students eager to learn about the Oaklander Model, but unable to afford full fee trainings. The Fund aims to do this by bringing these students to trainings, and/or by bringing trainers to impoverished places.

The recent VSOF scholarship granted for the Spring 2009 training in Kyrgyzstan was a dream realized, as this early VSOF goal came to fruition. The $2500 scholarship brought the Oaklander Model to nearly 40 students in a country in great need of child therapy and related services. What an amazing accomplishment!

The VSOF Scholarship Fund aims to build on this success by capitalizing on future opportunities to send trainers to places that urgently need them and by helping students attend trainings. Your tax-deductible contribution of any amount can help make this possible!

The VSOF Scholarship Committee will review all scholarship applications and trainers' proposals and is always open for suggestions regarding how the fund can be used to help those in need. For more information please contact Karen Fried at karenfried@kandmcenter.com.


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