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Articles by Dr. Oaklander
This is a list of articles that you can download. Let us know if you have problems doing so.

Dr. Oaklander's Publications

Description of the Theraputic Process

Experiences to Strengthen the Self

I Don't Fix Kids

List of Languages Windows to Our Children is Published in

Some Differences in Child and Adult Work

What is Gestalt Therapy

Interview with Violet Oaklander by Christianne Elsbree, 2009, courtesy The International Gestalt Journal

On Bedwetting

The Many Faces of Anger

From Windows To Our Children To Hidden Treasure: A Span Of 25 Years

Things to do to Express Anger Safely


Ask Violet Columns

1. Dreams:   English   Spanish
2. Parents at the First Session:   English   Spanish
3. Grounding After a Session:   English   Spanish
4. Aggressive Energy:   English   Spanish
5. Group Therapy With Children:   English   Spanish
6. Involvement of the Child's Family:   English   Spanish
7. Limited Number of Sessions:   English   Spanish
8. How did you end up working with children?   English   Spanish
9. Expectations, Basic Materials and Deflection   English   Spanish
10. Drawing, disabilities, secrets, projections & directive play.   English   Spanish
11. Bitter Parents. Toy Guns.   English   Spanish



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