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Video Segments from Just For Now Weekly Trainings

Violet Oaklander speaks in this 24 minute video, on the 5/3/20 "Just For Now" Zoom call, about her experiences with Gestalt Therapy, what Gestalt is all about, and how it forms an integral part of the Oaklander Model of therapy with children and adolescents.

Play Becomes Real: The Oaklander Approach to Gestalt Play and Art Therapy
Lecture Series by Peter Mortola, PhD

This is a series of lectures and demonstrations regarding the work of Dr. Violet Oaklander, a pioneer in the field of Gestalt play and art therapy. In these videos, I address the international reach and cross-cultural relevance of her work, make theoretical links to developmental, psychological and brain research, and show the impact this approach can have in practice with children, teens, and adults. In all, these videos reflect over 20 years of research, scholarship and practice in support of Dr. Oaklander's work. Her two books, Window to our Children and Hidden Treasure, have been translated into 15 languages and continue to have an impact worldwide.

Peter Mortola is a Professor of Counseling and School Psychology at Lewis and Clark College's Graduate School of Education and Counseling in Portland, Oregon, USA. He is the author of Windowframes: Learning the Art of Gestalt Play Therapy the Oaklander Way, among other books.

Play Becomes Real: The Oaklander Approach to Gestalt Play and Art Therapy.
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