Toy Guns
ASK VIOLET Question: When a child is in the middle of a bitter, hostile parental relationship, are you frank with the parents about how they are damaging their child? Answer: How I convey this message to the parents is very important. I don’t want to attack the parents since they definitely will not return. I […]
First Session
ASK VIOLET “You had stated that you see the parents and child together at the first session. I have been leery to do this because, when I have, the parents’ comments were hurtful for the child to hear. I thought that it was more harmful to the child than helpful. Please comment.” Answer: On the […]
Limited Sessions
ASK VIOLET Summer/Fall 2012 Question: How do you fit this system into a managed care treatment plan—having a limited number of sessions? Answer: With a limited of sessions I would follow a brief therapy model. This is useful not only for managed care clients, but also for other short term requirements. Some suggestions: See the […]
ASK VIOLET How can you work with children without working with the family? Aren’t you sending them right back to an often dysfunctional situation? ANSWER: There was a time when most therapists would not work with a child unless they also worked with the family. Sometimes I felt that they did this because they really […]
How Did You Decide to Work with Children
ASK VIOLET How did you end up working with children and how did you know, or did you, that this was your career direction? I receive many variations of this question quite often so I thought it might be time to answer it by sharing my journey. I imagine that many of you wonder if […]