Carlo's Diary: children's coloring book to help children manage COVID-19

We are so happy to share a children’s coloring book to help children manage COVID-19, authored by a wonderful Italian psychologist, who is skilled in the Oaklander Model.

Monica has translated Carlo’s Diary into English and Spanish, in addition to Italian. We thank Monica for such a useful tool for children during this time.

Monica Torsellini lives in Italy. She has worked for 20 years with children in different ways: as sport coach, guidance counselor, educator, psychologist, school advisor, parent trainer, kindergarten pedagogic coordinator and finally as child psychotherapist and special needs rehabilitator. She also works as an adults, children and adolescents psychotherapist, school counselor, and teacher supervisor. Finally, Monica works as a psychotherapist with horses and as a Global Rehabilitation Method with Horse MRGC® therapist: in her experience these animals help clients (and children in particular) in contacting their deep emotions, perceptions and sensations in an extraordinary way.

Carlo’s Diary in 
English, Italian, and Spanish

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