Child Therapy Case Consultation with Dr. Violet Oaklander

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In this video, with a warm and supportive presence, Dr. Oaklander offers guidance to three therapists, each struggling with difficult cases. From an 11-year-old boy who was expelled from school soon after his parents separated, to a 6-year-old girl who has been shuffled around to five foster homes in three years, to a boy entering puberty who was molested when he was four, Oaklander shares her wisdom and expertise on child development, trauma, and the nuts and bolts of exploring children’s inner worlds. Additionally, she offers detailed advice about engaging with parents and building a child’s sense of self.

Sprinkling in Gestalt themes such as the importance of contact and following the aliveness, Oaklander also demonstrates the specifics of using art therapy techniques to explore each child’s emotional landscape. By sitting in on this consultation session, you will receive a wealth of concrete, practical strategies, and walk away feeling more confident in your ability to bring child therapy to life.
By watching this video, you will:

Understand how Oaklander integrates expressive arts and Gestalt therapy.
Develop skills for working with children who have experienced various traumas.
Learn techniques for helping children express emotions, particularly anger.

In addition to the compelling and illustrative consultation sessions, this video also includes a brief interview with Violet Oaklander by Victor Yalom, in which she discusses her thoughts on consultation and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. She also talks about why she thinks many child therapists need to learn to be more directive. Although Oaklander identifies herself as a Gestalt therapist, her in-depth expertise and sensible, down-to-earth suggestions will be helpful to all therapists who work with children. Produced by (instructional and CEU versions available from them)
What therapists are saying about this video:
This video is really a gem. Dr. Oaklander's pioneering gestalt work with children is demonstrated with clarity and presence in these three complex and challenging cases. A must have for training child therapists and seasoned clinicians as well.
– Patric White, PhD, psychotherapist & intern supervisor, Hermosa Beach, CA
Violet Oaklander, Ph.D. is a supremely gifted child psychotherapist. Through her consultation on three very different cases, Dr. Oaklander presents many of her key concepts and techniques. The viewer is given a theoretical groundwork of how to approach children in psychotherapy, as well as specific examples of expressive activities. Dr. Oaklander's expertise on child development and her innate sense of what children need is evident throughout this fine DVD.
– Claire Mercurio, Ph.D., psychotherapist, Santa Barbara, CA