Three Video Sessions with Violet Oaklander, Ph. D.


This set of three live and unrehearsed therapy sessions illustrate a wealth of Dr. Oaklander’s techniques. Sessions are each 45-55 minutes. The DVD includes a printed study guide.

A Boy And His Anger: A Therapy Session. This fascinating unrehearsed session shows Dr. Oaklander working with 12-year-old Abram, who has trouble controlling his temper in his day-to-day life, yet does not know how to express the deeper anger inside of himself. The session demonstrates how Dr. Oaklander uses clay with the child to help him focus on his feelings. Dr. Oaklander concludes this presentation with a brief summary of her perceptions of working with the child. Technical notes: The audio quality suffers some scratchy moments, but does not deter from the full understanding of the program. The video quality is good with some fuzzy moments.
An Atypical Sand Tray Session – With a 13-Year-Old Boy. The sand tray is a powerful therapeutic technique widely used with adults as well as children. In this session, we see Abram, now 13, resist the traditional concept of the sand tray and find his own way of encountering this medium. Unfazed, Dr. Oaklander makes the most of the situation, meeting Abram where he chooses to be. Technical notes: This session was taped in studio. The audio and video are both good.
The Therapy Process In Action: A Session With Carlos. This session demonstrates all the aspects of the therapy process presented in the Oaklander model of child and adolescent therapy. Conducted at a child abuse agency with the camera behind a two-way mirror, this encounter features Dr. Oaklander working with ten-year-old Carlos. You will see how she focuses on contact when necessary. She helps Carlos build the self-support required to express some of the emotions locked up deep inside him. The presentation includes an introduction and closing comments by Dr. Oaklander. Technical notes: This session was taped using a home video camera. The video quality is good – but is a bit washed out. The audio is fair, with occasional traffic noise and audio drop-out. Neither affects the full understanding of the presentation.