Windows to Our Children


Author: Violet Oaklander, PhD
For the first time since its publication in 1978, there is a new edition of Dr. Violet Oaklander's ground-breaking book, Windows To Our Children. The new 35th Anniversary Edition features a recent lengthy interview with Dr. Oaklander by Christiane Elsbree, M.S.W. Ms. Elsbree, a long-time colleague of Dr. Oaklander, has also added a new introduction to the original text of this classic book. A comprehensive index has been added to the 35th anniversary edition as well.
Windows has been read and used extensively for decades by counselors and psychologists and is written in a format that is easily readable by all. It includes examples of therapy sessions with children and adolescents and offers a wealth of examples of the use of therapeutic techniques such as expression through art, clay, poetry, story telling, the sand tray, music and puppets with Gestalt Therapy theory, practice and technique as the underlying framework.
A major section, "Specific Problem Behaviors", explores aggression, anger, the hyperactive child, the withdrawn child, fears, specific stress, conditions, traumatic experiences, physical symptoms, autism, guilt, and self-esteem.
Windows crosses cultural boundaries. It has been translated into fifteen languages and the original English version has been used extensively in South Africa, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
This book can be a window to the child within you as well as to the children you are with.