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Violet Oaklander’s books and training programs have had enormous global impact, and countless therapists around the world have been supported by Violet’s work. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, the VSOF international community has become more vital than ever before.

Sessions will be led by experienced Oaklander Model trainers and international guest presenters. All will share how they’re working with the Oaklander Model, as well as provide examples of multicultural applications.

Join us to experience how the worldwide success of the Oaklander Model can support your work in private practice, in schools, and in a variety of agency settings. This approach to therapy is hands-on, playful and creative. Our time together will be rich in theory, research and practice: not just a conference, but an experience!

Conference Schedule At-a-Glance:

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2023 VSOF Conference

On-line Presenters and Topics

Friday, June 2nd


Presentation #1

9:00–9:50 am pdt

Peter Mortola & VSOF Board (Portland/USA)

Resistance & persistence: Viewing Violet Oaklander’s efforts to help a 5-year-old boy make good contact – video and discussion

Presentation #2

10:00–10:50 am pdt

Giandomenico Bagatin (Italy)

Healing trauma with the Oaklander model – A workplan

Presentation #3

11:00–11:50 am pdt

Chris Elsbree (Seattle/USA)

Creating a culturally safe and welcoming therapy room for all children and families

Presentation #4

12:00–12:50 pm pdt

Claire Mercurio & Sara St. Antoine (Santa Barbara/USA) 

Climate grief and the Oaklander model: A sisters’ presentation 

Saturday, June 3rd


Presentation #5

9:00–9:50 am pdt

Peter Mortola & VSOF Board (Portland/USA) 

Missing a chance to “be it”? What happens when Violet doesn’t follow the Oaklander approach – Video and discussion

Presentation #6

10:00–10:50 am pdt

Tzveta Misheva-Aleksova (Bulgaria)

Puppets used in different stages of the therapeutic process

Presentation #7

11:00–11:50 am pdt 

Ann Beckley-Forest (USA)

Integrating Oaklander’s Gestalt Play Therapy model with trauma protocols to manage dissociation and move towards healing

Presentation #8

12:00–12:50 pm pdt

Cassiana Castro (Brazil) 

Resistance and contact functions: Anna’s session

Sunday, June 4th


Presentation #9

9:00–9:50 am pdt

Jon Blend (England)

Drop in, drop out: An Oaklander music-making experience

Presentation #10

10:00–10:50 am pdt

Susana Millan (Mexico)

An adaptation of the polyvagal theory to the Oaklander model

Presentation #11

11:00–11:50 am pdt

Amy Picco, Rekha Khuon, Dan Morta, and Camille Jarmie Harris (USA)

Rewilding the soul: Experiential sand tray for indigenous youth

Presentation #12

12:00–12:50 pm pdt

Karen Fried & “Just for Now” (Los Angeles/USA)

Just for now: Checking-in with the VSOF 2023 international, in-person gatherings