VSOF Certified Individuals

The following individuals have completed the requirements for VSOF Certification. 

Giandomenico Bagatin

Email: giandomenico.bagatin@gmail.com
Country: Italy
Languages: Italian, English
Specialties: Psychologist, psychotherapist, international psychotherapy trainer and author.

James Carroll

Email: jamie@counselor.hush.com
Country: United States
Languages: English
Specialties: I work primarily with children ages 12yo and younger.

Olivia Dahlin

Email: oliviadahlin@bravespacestherapy.com
Country: United States
Languages: English
Specialties: Children/Adolescents or young adults with a history of trauma, stress, grief and anxiety.

Ricardo A. Escobar Gamboa

Country: México
Languages: Spanish
Specialties: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a Master’s degree in Child Abuse and Family Violence, and another in Child Therapy. Founder and director of the National Association for Attention to Children, Adolescents and Family (ANAF, for its acronym in Spanish), an institution dedicated to bringing together mental health professionals from different parts of the country and training therapists specialized in therapy with children, adolescents and their families. Specialized in topics of Developmental Psychology, Family Therapy, Neuroscience, Trauma, Grief, Loss and Gestalt Play Therapy with Oaklander Model, and also recognized as an approved supervisor for the Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation. Currently working as a play therapist in private practice and as a supervisor at ANAF’s Child Therapy Center in Zacatecas, Mexico..

Merali Gastelo Ramos

Email: meraligastelo@gmail.com
Country: Perú
Languages: Spanish
Specialties: Psicóloga Clínica y Psicoterapeuta Gestáltica. Dedicada a acompañar a niños, adolescentes, adultos y familias en su proceso de autodescubrimiento y crecimiento personal y bienestar emocional. Cuenta con Certificación en Terapia de Juego Gestalt y Enfoque Holístico de la Salud. Docente del Centro Peruano de Terapia Gestalt y miembro de la Comisión Nacional de Psicoterapia del Colegio de Psicólogos del Perú.

Tima Ivanova

Email: nuga88@hotmail.com
Country: Bulgaria, United States
Languages: Bulgarian, English, Spanish
Specialties: I am a child and adolescent therapist

Cynthia Rajchman

Email: contact@cynthiamft.com
Country: United States,  Uruguay
Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish; conversational Hebrew and Portuguese
Specialties: I work with individuals, couples, children, and families to help them better understand themselves and each other. Through the Oaklander Method with children, and a somatic approach with adults, I work on issues related to anxiety, depression, parenting, and trauma, amongst others.

Zorica Topalovic

Email: zorica@samoprostor.hr
Country: Croatia
Languages: Croatian, English, Italian
Specialties: Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapists working with children, adolescents and families in my private practice Prostor in Zagreb.

Agata Urbanowicz

Email: psychoterapiadzieci@gmail.com
Country: Poland
Languages: Polish, English
Specialties: I’m a Gestalt Play therapist and supervisor. I love using clay, projective cards and sand tray. Body work is also very important for me and I use elements of Original Play approach.

Inga Verbiejūtė-Vildė

Email: inga.verbiejute@gmail.com
Country: Lithuania
Languages: Lithuanian
Specialties:Children and Teenagers Psychologist